Why's this such a big deal for our students? Check out the video. They'll tell you in their own words.


With their win at the 2014 Enactus U.S. National Exposition back in April, Texas State Enactus (formerly Students In Free Enterprise) members earned the chance to compete at the 2014 Enactus World Cup. In just a few weeks, they'll travel to Beijing, China to compete against teams from more than 30 other countries. But they need your help. Please consider making a gift to Texas State Enactus to help them bring home the Enactus World Cup.

Update: As of October 6th, we've reached our goal of $25,000! So far generous donors have given $25,045 to support Texas State Enactus/SIFE.

Sponsors include:



Donors include: Denise Smart, Vicki West, Chloe and John Navarrette, Seth Mayberry, Brian Wong, Rodney Rohde, Richard Russek, Anice Divin, Eugene Payne, Halie Stutz, Staci Edwards, Amanda Perez, Chelsea Robertson, Emma Bogue, Ali Ijaz, Kathleen Highsmith, Austin Requena, Alisa Noell, Linda Guevara, Jenna Holt, Collin Morris, Jacqueline Vandrick, Ehsan Arami, Jacqualyn Sledge, Madison Corpening, Timothy Kalosky, Rachel Dyess, Ashley Boone, Kyndall Ramirez, Kevin Lainez, Bianca Saldana, Chelsea Howard, Corey Pitts, Stephanie Dawson, Hannah Mills, Gina Goss, Neek Razavi, Austin Adams, Victoria Bowman, Blazen Hall, Yarib Ortiz Anaya, Stephanie Macke, Nicole Lucha, Josh Biffle, Sarah Straka, Preston Willis, Johen Aquirre, Connor Matthews, Joshua Culver, Allison Pagel, Bruce Smith, William Garrett, William Chittenden, Sandra Davis, Christian Rundberg, Darrell Piersol, Pioneer Bank, Patrick Stolle, Floyd (Will) Holder, Jesse Luxton, Brooke Hailey, Raymond Fisk, Nathalie Charlton, Dan Perry, Pat Oles, Nael Mansour, Brett Georgulis, Rhonesia Spencer, Ryanne Janca, Jenna Alexander, Shawn Cox, Scott Lanigan, Robert and Debbie McDonald, David Brown, Michael Hennessy, Andy Russ, Lauren Williams, Daniel Shanklin, Courtney Lamar, Alexander Ortiz, Tres Young, Stephanie Jeane, Robyn Kozelsky, Dan and Rita Myhaver, Jarrod Mejia, Angela Bertero, Monica Telese, Frederick Lucha, Patrick Munns, Mark Johnston, and...Make a gift to add your name here!


Thank you for supporting Texas State Enactus/Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE)!